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Monitorize your device Modbus TCP/IP with Android
Build your HMI on Smartphone and Tablet

scr 01Elteco Sistemi present the new application for devices Android which allow you to realize in simple and fast way a system of supervision of devices endowed of Ethernet port and Modbus TCP/IP protocol, on devices Android like Smartphone and Tablet.
You have to connect your devices (PLC - Power Analyzer - Electronic Board - Siemens s7-1200) to any Access point wireless,  , and you're ready!!
Connect to the LOCAL wireless network and you could see the parameters and the status of your application from every covered point of the network.

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 The advantages are multiples:scr 03

•    Installable on every Android devices
•    It doesn't require additional hardware
•    Data collection from any point of network
•    Eliminates the costs of software licences
•    Eliminates the need of operator panels

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